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Scotlay - Production

All aspects of Scotlay's production facility conform to the B.E.I.C. (British Egg Industry Council) Lion Code of Quality. This relates to feed produced, pullets reared, laying farms and grading facilities. The Lion quality mark is your guarantee of high quality eggs laid by British hens vaccinated against salmonella. The Lion website can be found at

Scotlay uses high spec, mobile, state of the art sheds. The sheds harness wind and solar power for their energy requirements. This, together with small flock size, high spec diet and caring husbandry, combines to produce eggs which meet the consumers best expectations. The daily transfer of eggs from the production units to the packing station means that the product normally reaches retail outlets within 3 days of being laid. The concept of sustainable free range finds favour with today's consumer who increasingly wants to know how the eggs are produced, how the hens are cared for and how legislation is being adhered to.

The number of industry awards that Scotlay has won over many years for product quality, animal welfare and product innovation confirm the standing and longevity of the brand in the market place.